About Us

About the Owners of Civil-War-Costumes

The father and son owners of the Civil War Costumes store are Civil War history lovers who live in the Texas Panhandle. The son of the team is a metal detecting enthusiast and has made some interesting finds in both Texas and Arizona. He is a truck driver by profession and I am an ex bar owner. I (the father) am an avid reader and a fan of American history in general and of the American Civil War in particular.

We have three other online stores: http://www.doghousetown.com, http://bikertshirtsandtanks.com, and a Lego store in the process of getting a makeover.

We, as individuals, also support the Humane Society locally and are advocates for pet rescue and adoption. We have also become a trusted resource for the city Animal Control Department in reporting animal abuse. A rescued Aussie is a beloved member of our family. The experience I've had with rescued dogs is that they know they've been given a new lease on life in a new home.

 Our Vision

Our vision has long been to open an online Civil War Store that would offer quality Civil War costumes and reenactment gear at affordable prices. Adding Civil War relics to the store has been a natural off shoot of that dream. We think we have found the business model that will fulfill our mission. Civil War Costumes is the end result of this commitment to our fellow Civil War fans

Thank you for visiting http://www.civil-war-costumes.com/ and have a great shopping experience.