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Civil War Costumes for Kids and Adults


Scarlet O'Hara

 In 1939 a blockbuster movie named “Gone With the Wind” came out. A book of the same name had been published 3 years prior to the movie. In the movie the lead female character’s name was Scarlett O'Hara played by Vivian Leigh. Scarlett was a true Atlanta southern belle living through the Civil War and re-construction years. 1939 was the year the southern belle costume was born. It remains today as one of the favorite costumes of all times and can be found in sizes ranging from small to adult.

Another great costume for for the ladies is a period correct civil war dress a prairie dress, complete with bonnet and shoes. These can be found in our Reenacment department.

A Confederate soldier

In the costume world a Civil War soldiers costume is very hot item for any costume party and for trick or treating too. . The only question is “Should I be a Union soldier or a Confederate soldier?” This will certainly be up to the person who is wearing the costume, or if a child, then the child’s parent would have to help with the decision.

Do you want to make a statement? Are you a son of the south or a dedicated northerner? Are you worried about political correctness or could you care less? Is there even a political aspect to the American Civil War in this day and time? The answer to these questions is simple. We’re talking about a party and having fun, so throw political correctness out the window and pick the soldier costume or for the ladies check out the Southern Belle costumeThese costumes are perfect for couples and will make you the life of the party.

Union soldier uniform.

Kids are always having a costume party of some kind. Birthday parties, school plays and, of course, their favorite, Halloween, which is usually an all day event at school. You can find them a great  Civil War Soldier Costume  at very reasonable prices! Of course the girls would love a Civil War Costume as well. Check out the Southern Belle Costumes. A prairie dress may be just the ticket for the little lady. You may even find a Scarlett O'Hara ball costume!

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