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Union Soldier 

Civil War Soldier's Costumes

Soldier’s uniforms, as costumes, are always popular and are a good choice for any occasion and are not going to go out of style any time soon. There are many different types of these uniform costumes, and the idea is to choose which branch of the military, as well as the time period, you are most interested in. Dressing up for Halloween is not only a time of excitement and fun; it can also be a neat way to get a child interested in history. It goes without saying that this would be true for adults of all ages as well.

Civil War soldier’s costumes are great items right now. The only questions now are “Do I want to be a Union or Rebel soldier?” And are you worried about the politics of the Civil War? The answer is simple. You're going to a party and plan on having fun, right? Just get rid of the politics and find the right Civil War uniform costume and have some fun!

Now that you’ve decided to wear a Civil War soldier's costume there are a couple more decisions to be made. There are several different types of Confederate and Union uniforms that can be found in online stores. Do you feel like being an enlisted soldier or an army officer? How about choosing between being in the infantry or the cavalry? These choices are available in both child and adult sizes.

Lower priced, packaged Civil War officer’s costumes usually only come with a jacket, pants and sash so you’ll have to buy your uniform hat and sword separately. The more expensive costumes usually come with a double breasted jacket with contrasting collar and cuffs and sleeve emblems, sash with fringed ends and elastic waisted trousers with contrasting braid in the seams. Keep in mind that even with these deluxe costumes the uniform hat is not normally included but can be purchased separately. To round out your costume you’ll want to check out the replica Civil War sword as well. A plastic sword would probably be good enough for the small ones.

There are a few costume stores that also offer a line of authentic replica uniforms for the Civil War reenactment enthusiast or hobbyist. These uniforms are usually more detail specific than regular costumes and are preferred by some reenactors. This is where you can find authentically reproduced Civil War guns such as pistols and rifles, and holsters. The many different types of Civil War hats that are reproduced and can be picked up at these specialty stores as well.

Another option for your costume is to make one yourself, or have it made from a sewing pattern. McCalls has a nice selection of Civil War uniform patterns. The above uniform picture is sewn using a McCall's pattern.