A Great Costume

  Civil War Soldier’s Costumes Soldier’s uniforms, as costumes, are always popular and are a good choice for any occasion and are not going to go out of style any time soon. There are many different types of these uniform … Continue reading

Springfield 1861

The Springfield Armory and U. S. Guns of the Civil War  The Springfield Model 1861 The Springfield 1861 rifle was not to widely distributed during the first couple of years of the Civil War. Most U. S. Army soldiers were still using … Continue reading

The Civil War and Normandy

The Civil War and the Invasion of Normandy Although the Civil War and World War 2 were fought in different centuries there is a commonality. Both wars were fought for freedom from oppression. There was also a distinct difference. The … Continue reading

Living in History

            A Civil War Reenactment is Living History Every year, all across the United States, thousands of tourists gather at different historical American Civil War battlefields to watch reenactors recreate monumental battles on the very ground the battle took place. Most … Continue reading

Swords, Knives and Bayonets

Civil War Swords, Knives and Bayonets American Civil War swords, artillery short swords, sabers, curved edge cutlasses, bayonets, knives, lances and pikes are categorized as edged weapons and all are highly desirable for any Civil War relic collection. Swords, sabers … Continue reading

Civil War Relics

The Relics of War Collecting Artifacts From The Civil War A Civil War artifact collection does not have to be big with hundreds of pieces. Remember that individual collections are built up over a period of time and every collector … Continue reading

Civil War Reenactment

Civil War Reenactment Headquarters Reenactment Gear at Affordable Prices Fans of American history will find being at a Civil War Reenactment a rewarding learning experience. Most reenactments are planned around particular Civil War battles and the participants are avid hobbyists … Continue reading