Living in History

            A Civil War Reenactment is Living History Every year, all across the United States, thousands of tourists gather at different historical American Civil War battlefields to watch reenactors recreate monumental battles on the very ground the battle took place. Most … Continue reading

Civil War Reenactment

Civil War Reenactment Headquarters Reenactment Gear at Affordable Prices Fans of American history will find being at a Civil War Reenactment a rewarding learning experience. Most reenactments are planned around particular Civil War battles and the participants are avid hobbyists … Continue reading

Welcome to Civil War Costumes

One Civil War Store – Three Departments Here at the Civil War Costumes online store we have three distinct departments as you can see below. The Civil War Costumes department is where you’ll find great costumes for that special occasion. For the … Continue reading